We are at a choice point in our spiritual evolution. Can we learn from the lessons of Atlantis?

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The Atlantis Legacy


Once upon a time there was a place called Atlantis …  that disappeared into the sea.

We have all heard about Atlantis and know that it was a place that once existed and is now believed to be under the ocean. But the story of  Atlantis is much more complicated than that. It was part of our most recent ascension cycle and when it was destroyed, we had to begin again.

Today we are where at the point where each choice is important. Will we destroy ourselves, the Earth and the hope of ascension? Or will we move into higher dimensions of being? The choice is ours to make and we’re making it right now.

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In The Atlantis Legacy Jennifer Hoffman describes two very important concepts that are part of our Atlantis experience:

  •  The Atlantean Paradigm, the set of conditions that set the parameters for our ascension cycle and
  • The Atlantis Legacy, the spiritual, emotional and energetic imprints that each of us carries as a result of the trauma we experienced in Atlantis.

With the Atlantean Paradigm, we were separated from our direct Source connection, access to our gifts was limited, we changed from a female to a male dominated society, life would become a struggle and we would have an adversarial relationship with the Earth.

With the Atlantis Legacy, we carry the energies of guilt, shame, regret or fear over what we did or were victims of in Atlantis.

And our lesson in this ascension cycle was to overcome our Atlantis Legacy and complete this ascension cycle.

This ground-breaking book provides powerful insights into the what we can do to ensure that we do not repeat Atlantis’ lessons and close this ascension cycle to lead humanity, the Earth and the Universe into new dimensions of being.

Will we learn the lessons of Atlantis, reclaim our gifts, and bring humanity into balance so we can avoid Atlantis’ lessons? We have important choices to make and The Atlantis Legacy can empower us with the knowledge, commitment and enlightenment to make them.


About Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman is a celebrated author, intuitive mystic, life and business mastery coach, international speaker,and popular host of the Enlightening Life Radio Show. Overcoming physical paralysis and surviving a near fatal car accident taught Jennifer how to transcend fear and master limitations, hallmarks of her teachings, the mastery of life and living to achieve total confidence and personal fulfillment. She is celebrated for her Enlightening Life newsletter, published since 2004, with more than two million weekly readers, and for her transformational work in helping others master their purpose to create joy, passion, success and abundance in life, love, career and business. Jennifer’s books include the acclaimed Ascending into Miracles and 30 Days to Everyday Miracles. A masterful teacher and transformational speaker, Jennifer leads seminars and workshops around the world and is the founder of Miracle Coaching. Learn more about Jennifer’s work at www.enlighteninglife.com.